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Product overview

Veritrade Analytic™ is the most advanced, flexible and customizable tool designed to easily analyze and understand the United States of America’s (US) Foreign Trade Market.

Our unique multidimensional website will let you:
a. Work in detail with the US Imports, Exports or trade balance data.
b. Analyze and understand the data and foreign trade patterns.
c. Utilize all the available interactive information.
d. Build your unique views.
e. Download the data into MS Excel.
f. Strengthen your analyses by displaying your results with our powerful and complete graphics interface.

Click here to see versions and prices or call 415 570-0690 to speak with a Veritrade solution specialist who’ll customize a solution for you.

Main Features

Databases included
Veritrade Analytic™ (*) includes access to the following US Department of Commerce foreign trade databases from 1998 to date.
a. “US Imports and Exports database” containing all goods that have cleared US customs.
b. “US Shipments database” with all goods that have arrived to or departed from US territory.

The full version comes with complete access so that you can analyze the entire range of products imported or exported within HTS codes, NAICS, SITCor End Use classifications.

Trading countries
Country of Origin and Destination information can be analyzed by country or aggregated into their Economic Groups.

US District of entry / departure
The district in which merchandise clears Customs

US District of Unlading
The district in which merchandise clears Customs for entry into consumption channels

Information available:
Depending the database (import / export or shipments) and regime (import or export) you will have the following fields displayed:
· US$ FAS value
· US$ FOB value
· US$ Freight value
· US$ Freight & Insurance value
· US$ CIF Value
· Quantity 1: First Unit of Quantity assigned to a product
· Quantity 2: Second Unit of Quantity assigned to a product
· Weight in kg
· Unitary prices (US$/Unit FOB)
· Unitary prices (US$/Unit FAS)
· Unitary prices (US$/Unit CIF)
· Via of transport

Important: Definitions and technical information about US databases.
Source: Foreign Trade Division, U.S. Census Bureau, Washington, D.C. 20233

(*) Depends on the version of Veritrade™ purchased.

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